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DLG Property Services

Serving Homeowners & The Domestic Market Since 2007

Our Services Include:

Damp Proofing | Heat Loss & Condensation | Repointing & Rendering | Flat Roofs & Warm Roofs | Gutters, Sofits & Fascias | Protective Wall Coatings & Cladding
Our damp proofing services come with a 10 Year Guarantee

DLG Property Services

DLG offer a range of services to homeowners, landlords and estate agents, specialising in treating and preventing damp and reducing heat loss from homes, offices and various buildings. We have treated hundreds of homes and buildings and have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in all of the services we provide. Please feel free to message or call us if you think we can help.

Damp proofing.
Damp in homes if left untreated can be very unsightly and damaging to fittings, decor and furnishings. It can compromise the integrity of the building and encourage mould growth. DLG specialise in treating rising and penetrating damp, we can also provide quotes for works to prevent any potential damp issues.

Heat loss & condensation.
A lot of older properties, more commonly solid wall constructed buildings will suffer with cold walls causing condensation and heat loss through the wall, condensation can also lead to mould growth and black spots. DLG have a range of services to prevent condensation and heat loss. We can install loft insulation, wall insulation and air vents where necessary, we can apply waterproof creams to the exterior of properties to stop moisture penetrating. For flat roof insulation please see our information on warm roofs.

Repointing & rendering.
Brick joints keep your property bonded together, if the brick joints are in poor condition this can lead to damp issues within the property. Cracked or blown render can be unsightly and a Potential cause of damp penetrating into buildings. DLG are very experienced in repointing and rendering, we can undertake small patch in jobs to the complete removal of old render and replace with new render.

Flat roofs & warm roofs.
A warm roof has insulation above the rafters and immediately below it’s waterproof finish. A warm roof allows heat to be conserved within the building without the need for ventilation. We finish all our warm roofs with a GRP top coat, glass reinforced plastic, fibreglass more commonly know as, the GRP comes with a 20 year guarantee. DLG have been constructing warm roofs for a number of years and are happy to replace existing flat roofs with a warm roof or install a warm roof to extensions or new builds, we are also happy to replace any felt roofs with our GRP finish.

Gutters, sofits & fascias.
Blocked, damaged and leaking gutters are a common cause of penetrating damp, DLG are happy to repair or replace old damaged gutters, fascia and sofits, we can also quote to clear out and clean gutters, fascias and sofits.

Protective wall coatings & cladding.
The exterior of your property plays a vital role in keeping out moisture and retaining heat. DLG are very experienced in exterior painting and in the fitting of composite cladding, not only does painting or cladding protect your property from the elements but it can also transform the look of your building, giving it a whole new look.

What areas do we cover?

DLG are based in Newbury, Berkshire and cover all surrounding areas including Winchester, Basingstoke, Reading, Oxford, Wantage, Andover, Bulford, Tidworth and Amesbury. Please get in touch to see if we cover your area.

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